MeterLeader Pilot Opportunity

Seeking Companies, Cities, or Property Management Groups located in CA, NY, MD, WA, IL, or FL with 100+ employees/residents to pilot a MeterLeader Energy Savings Challenge.

Pilot Goals

Run a successful 3 month long Energy Savings Challenge for Employees and/or Residents:

  • With 50 - 100+ challenge participants
  • Resulting in 5 - 10% in energy savings
  • Resulting in participant engagement

How MeterLeader Works

Organizers     Participants


Design Challenge

Give your challenge a name, set energy reduction goals, and the types of rewards.


Invite Participants

Recruit challenge participants by sharing the challenge page over social media and email.


Monitor Savings

Monitor the progress of your challenge over its duration, and engage with participants.


Reward Winners

At the end of the challenge reward your winners with a prize and recognition.

Pilot Benefits

  1. 1. Help your employees/residents reduce their utility bills while working from home.
  2. 2. Increase employee/resident satisfaction through engagement on climate change.
  3. 3. Track measure and report emissions from home based emplovees/residents.
  4. 4. Help your state meet its ambitious residential energy & climate goals.

Pilot Timeline

Month 1

Build & Launch Challenge

Month 2

Challenge Starts - Kickoff Event

Month 3

12 Email Modules & Slack Facilitation

Month 4

Challenge Ends - Awards Prizes

Month 5

Data Extract & Case Study

Become a Pilot Partner

Schedule a 15 min call