Mobilize your community to combat climate change together.

Engage your residents in measurably reducing carbon emissions at home.

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Cities are Tackling Climate Change Head On

The United Nations estimates that cities are responsible for over 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Luckily cities across the world have developed and are implementing comprehensive climate action plans. Increasing energy efficiency and electrification are central components of most city climate action plans and require the active engagement of all city residents...that’s where MeterLeader can help!

“Will we go from summit to summit, or will the mayors fo the world summon the crowds to take action?”

Mayor Gustavo Petro Urrego Bogota

Measurably achieve your climate action plan goals.

MeterLeader uses real-time electricity and natural gas data to measure REAL carbon emission reductions. We provide meaningful metrics on energy saved to help you track progress towards carbon emission reduction goals.

Promote Energy Efficiency & Electrification.

Educate residents on energy efficient behaviors, equipment, and electrification measures that they can take in their home or buildings to save money on utility bills and reduce carbon emissions. Customize weekly educational email content to fit to a certain building type or to align more specifically with your goals.

Create Custom Energy Challenges tailored to each Stakeholder

Empower residents to work together to save energy and share best practices - all through the MeterLeader website. Help residents visualize their individual and collective progress toward carbon emission reduction goals.

Start an energy savings challenge today!

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