Help your employees save energy and combat climate change.

MeterLeader lets you create FREE energy savings challenges integrated with real-time energy data.

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The way companies approach sustainability is changing.

Climate change is an existential threat to all of humanity. Which is why 54% of adults agree that companies should take action to alter climate change impacts. Luckily, companies can now use MeterLeader to help their employees save energy, save money, and reduce carbon emissions.

“Climate change has become a defining factor in companies’ long-term prospects.”

Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO

Finally an easy way to make REAL carbon emission reductions.

MeterLeader uses real-time energy data to measure REAL carbon emission reductions. Don't settle for wishful pledges, meaningless self-reported actions, or abstract carbon emission estimates.

Create a challenge in minutes - no energy expertise needed!

MeterLeader is a turnkey solution that allows you to easily create energy saving challenges. You don't need to know anything about energy to create a challenge - we take care of all that!

Engage your employees in a meaningful and fun activity.

Empower everyone in your organization to get involved in combating climate change. Reward and recognize employees who make big carbon emission reductions. Employees will feel good knowing they are making a difference.

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