About Us

Our Mission

Use real-time data to empower individuals to come together to combat climate change.

Our Story

MeterLeader is a female founded company based in Orange County, CA supported by the Stanley-Techstars Accelerator, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, and the USGBC-LA Net Zero Accelerator.

The seeds of MeterLeader were planted in 2009 when MeterLeader’s co-founders Natalie and Jolyon met as students at Cornell University. While members of the Sustainability Hub student club, Jolyon noticed that lights were being left on throughout the night in buildings across campus, so together they created Lights Off Cornell. Lights Off Cornell was a web application that mobilized over 200 student volunteers to turn off lights at night in 6 buildings on campus, and measured the resulting carbon emission reductions.

After graduation, Jolyon received his PhD in Theoretical Physics and worked for 6 years at MIT, before transitioning to a career in data science. Natalie went on to work as an energy efficiency consultant for multiple utility companies in Maryland and California. She helped design and implement a variety of residential energy efficiency programs.

Then in 2018, Natalie had the idea to create MeterLeader, and approached Jolyon about working together again. “Let’s recreate Lights Off Cornell, but this time let’s empower everyone in the US to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.” And 9 months later MeterLeader was born.

In 2019, MeterLeader went live and was integrated only with PG&E utility data. Natalie moved to San Francisco for 6 weeks, and had the “Silicon Valley” experience. She slept in a room with bunk beds and 3 strangers, and worked tirelessly to promote MeterLeader and understand how startups work.

In 2020, Natalie ran out of money, and went back to work. She become a scrum master for a tech consulting company. There she learned how to work with large onshore and offshore dev teams, and how to build enterprise scale phone applications.

At the end of 2021, MeterLeader was accepted into the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator. And in 2022, Natalie lived in Baltimore for over 2 months to participate in the Stanley-Techstars Accelerator Program. During this time MeterLeader did a complete overhaul of its backend system and today is now integrated with hourly electricity and gas data from 12 utilities in 10 states.

Most recently, MeterLeader was accepted into the USGBC-LA Net Zero Accelerator, attended and pitched at a number of conferences, and is now actively seeking pilot partners and investment.

Our Values


When we act as part of a community we are stronger. MeterLeader’s goal is to leverage community relationships to achieve meaningful impact for the environment.


We all have the power to make changes in our daily habits and lifestyles to save energy. MeterLeader gives you the tools and motivation to inspire this kind of change on a large scale.


You can't improve upon something that you don’t measure. That is why MeterLeader incorporates real-time meter data into our energy saving Challenges.


Just because saving energy is important doesn’t mean that we can't have fun at the same time! MeterLeader challenges are intended to inspire collaboration with your community.