How It Works

MeterLeader motivates people to save energy through online challenges that are integrated with real-time electricity data. Participate in a challenge by following these 4 easy steps:

Organizers     Participants


Design Challenge

Give your challenge a name, set energy reduction goals, and the types of rewards.


Invite Participants

Recruit challenge participants by sharing the challenge page over social media and email.


Monitor Savings

Monitor the progress of your challenge over its duration, and engage with participants.


Reward Winners

At the end of the challenge reward your winners with a prize and recognition.

How We Integrate Utility Data

MeterLeader seamlessly integrates your energy data from your utility account using GreenButton. The GreenButton initiative is an industry-led effort in response to a 2012 White House call-to-action to provide utility customers with easy and secure access to their energy usage information. It allows utility customers to have more control over their own utility data.

GreenButton uses the industry standard OAuth protocol, which ensures that your data is being transferred to our platform in a safe and secure manner. It allows you to connect your energy data to third party applications without giving up your utility account login credentials.

How We Calculate Energy Savings

The MeterLeader platform is designed so that only you can see and access your exact energy use data. However, our public facing Challenge pages do display some figures derived from your energy use data. Our Challenge pages display your percentage change in kWh electricity use, therms of natural gas usage, and pounds of total carbon emissions, while aggregating the group’s total kilowatt-hour (kWh) and therms energy savings once a minimum of at least 5 people are participating in the Challenge. This prevents anyone from seeing or being able to calculate any individual’s actual kWh or therm energy usage.

We have chosen to display individual’s percent change in energy use because this allows for a more equal comparison and helps account for differences in home size, home type, number of occupants, and differences in equipment. The displayed percentage change in energy usage is calculated based on the individual’s electricity (kWh) and natural gas usage (therms) during the Challenge period as compared their previous year’s baseline usage during that same time period. Since Challenges are strictly focused on energy savings, we do not count negative values if participants increase their energy usage during the Challenge period.