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Haight St Commons Energy Savings Challenge

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Starts: Tue. Oct. 1, 2019 7:00AM GMT Ends: Wed. Jan. 1, 2020 7:59AM GMT

Challenge has ended!



Energy Savings*

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39 %

CO2 Reductions*
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Goal: 1000 kWh

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Starts: Tue. Oct. 1, 2019 7:00AM GMT Ends: Wed. Jan. 1, 2020 7:59AM GMT

Participant Eligibility

Only group houses who are part of the Haight St Commons are eligible to join this challenge.

Individual Goal

Reduce your group houses' kWh electricity usage by as much as possible (as compared to your usage from 10/1/2018-12/30/2018). Try to aim for at least 5% energy savings.

Collective Goal

Achieve a total of 1,000 kWh in electricity savings as a collective group.


$500 cash prize goes to which ever group house manages to reduce their energy consumption the most!<br><br>This is divided into two parts: $250 goes to the house directly to spend on whatever they like, and their other $250 goes towards what ever energy sustainability infrastructure a house wants! Ideas for the second part are - new fridge, smart strips, playing for a plumber to fix water leaks, curtains, tracking devices and so on.

Questions? Check our FAQ page

For details read the complete Haight St Commons Energy Savings Challenge Rules


Haight St Commons

Created on July 28 2019